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3-Component Calibration Gases

We assure our clients of our superior quality of mixture and our efficient client servicing.

3-Component Calibration Gases

Our product list contains 85 different compositions of 3-Component Gas Mixtures. Few examples listed below:

Benzene 50ppb+Acetal dehyde 500 ppb+Nitrogen Balance CG054703001
Diethyl Ether(C4H10O)3%+biogas(CO2+CH4) Balance CG883603001
Formal dehyde 0.5%-1.0%+Ethane 1.0%+Nitrogen Balance CG714703001
methane 1.0%+Sulphur Hexafluoride 12.0%+Nitrogen Balance CG624703001
Nitric Oxide 50-75ppm+Nitrogen Dioxide 75-100ppm+Nitrogen Balance CG464703001
NOX 1662ppm+Sulphur Dioxide 3982ppm+Nitrogen Balance CG784703001
Propane 1ppm+Methane 10ppm+Nitrogen Balance CG594703001